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Are you tired of sealing cracks in your unfinished concrete floor every season? Is a low-quality vinyl or polyurethane floor coating dragging down the style or usability of your property? At Symphony Concrete Coatings, we’ve seen all kinds of flooring nightmares—from outdated materials and destroyed concrete to peeling floor coatings. If you’re ready to eliminate these frustrating problems and enjoy a more beautiful, low-maintenance floor in your residential or commercial space, get in touch with us today!

With a team of factory-certified installation professionals, we provide New England floor coatings that are built to withstand even the harshest environments. Whether you need a new floor for your garage, driveway, or production workshop, we have the right products at the right price:

  • Solid Color Epoxy
  • Solid Color Polyurea

Epoxy Floor Coating Concrete Systems: Budget-Friendly and Durable

One of the most popular floor coatings in New England, solid color epoxy is recognized for its unique blend of durability and affordability. Available in a variety of consistent, pre-tinted colors, our epoxy floor coating concrete systems glide on evenly and are an especially great choice for large spaces. When installed by Symphony Concrete Coatings’ certified experts, your epoxy floor comes backed by two leading warranties: a 15-year base coat warranty and a lifetime top coat warranty!

Polyurea Floor Coating Concrete Systems: Premium and Convenient

Compared to many floor coating concrete systems in New England, solid color polyurea is not the lowest-cost choice—but it is certainly one of the most durable! This innovative floor coating includes four distinct layers and is resistant to chemical damage, temperature extremes, and heavy impact. Given its unique strength, polyurea coatings are perfect for high-traffic, high-demand areas like garage floors, basements, and outdoor workshops. And like all of our floor coating systems, we can have your polyurea flooring complete and ready to be driven on in as little as 24 hours!

Wondering Which Floor Coating Is Right for You? Ask Our Certified Pros Today!

The most effective floor coatings depend on your specific application, style preferences, and budgetary considerations. If you aren’t sure whether epoxy or polyurea would best meet your unique needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Symphony Concrete Coatings! We’d be happy to hear more about your expectations and recommend the right floor coating for your New England space. Get started with your free design consultation and no-obligation cost estimate by calling us or completing our quick online form right away!

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