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Your garage floor is the most susceptible floor to wear and tear in your home.  Protect it from the elements with a beautiful, durable Acton garage floor coating from Symphony Concrete Coatings.  We use top-quality epoxy and polyurea flooring systems to ensure that your garage floor can endure even the most challenging aspects of your weather, vehicles, and workspace hazards. And, because we’ve partnered with Penntek Industrial Coatings – one of the most trusted manufacturers of concrete floor coating systems in the industry – you can trust that your garage floor coating will last for years to come!

Fast, Affordable One-Day Coatings

Here at Symphony Concrete Coatings, we realize that your garage is an important part of your home, both as a place to keep your vehicles safe and as a work space. This is why we offer one-day coatings to ensure that protecting and maintaining the quality of your garage floor is as convenient and affordable as possible. To top it off, when you choose to install a concrete floor coating with us, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Customizable Style: Our innovative color-matching technology and wide selection of textures and sheens means your garage floor can perfectly match your home aesthetic.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Our epoxy and polyurea formulas are created to resist scratches, chemical spills, and heavy impacts to protect your floor.
  • Cost-Effective Results: With quick installations and durable coatings, we’re able to reduce the cost and number of required repairs and maintenance.
  • Double Warranty: We offer a 15-year base coat warranty and a lifetime top coat warranty because we stand behind our products.

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Choose Symphony Concrete Coatings for your next garage floor coating service and enjoy long-lasting, stylish garage floors all within your budget. Call our friendly representatives today to learn more, or fill out our online form to schedule your free quote.

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