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How long will a concrete coating will last?

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Symphony Concrete Coatings is how long a concrete coating will last.

This answer depends on the type of coating you have installed and how much activity the surface gets.

The life expectancy of a concrete coating ranges from 1 year up to a lifetime depending on three factors.

First... Is the concrete coating polyurea or epoxy? Second... How much traffic does your concrete coating see? Third... Is your concrete coating exposed to sunlight or chemicals on a regular basis?

At Symphony, we take great satisfaction in offering the best concrete coatings in the business.

Every one of our concrete coatings is custom-made to meet your unique taste and style and comes with a 15-year manufacturer warranty to guarantee your pleasure.

Reach out to us for a free consultation if you're on the fence about whether one of these coatings is the best option for you!

Our team is passionate about installing only polyurea coatings. This is because a polyurea coating will last more than 15 years! The reason behind this is that polyurea is built from a safe synthetic layer that will never fully harden but rather remain flexible and firm. This means that any isolated forms of pressure on the coating will not cause it to break.

Simply put, a polyurea coating will last far longer than an epoxy coating, which will only last between 2 and 5 years. We offer a 15-year manufacturer warranty on each of our coatings, and we have never had to repair one!

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