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Why Can’t We Provide Ballpark Estimates for Concrete Coatings?

We hang out a lot on our concrete coatings Facebook page and that is where we meet most of our awesome customers! We get hundreds of comments and messages on our posts regarding our past projects, our process, and our team.

One of the questions that we hear most often is "How much does your concrete coating cost?" And that's a no-brainer! Of course many will ask that question! Budget is a huge consideration, especially if you're trying to figure out if our product is $500 or $5000. A lot of the people at Symphony are homeowners too and we totally get that you need to be careful with the investments that you make on your home.

It's not that we don't want to help you out when it comes to pre-pricing a concrete coating for your garage, basement, or other concrete surfaces - It's that, ethically, we can't give you that number.

If you’ve specifically talked to us through Facebook or on the phone, you know that we politely share that we cannot offer even a ballpark price. Yes, even if you give us those exact dimensions...

Well.... Why is this!?

Truth be told: There is more to your floor than meets the eye! It’s extremely unique, and certain factors need to be assessed, which can have a pretty big impact on the cost!

Here are some factors....

Your Specific Project

  • General dimensions (a 4-car garage costs more than a 3-car garage)

  • Layout - Are there any unique elements to work around, or specific design considerations that we need to consider?

  • Vertical surfaces

  • What’s underneath the surface?

  • Stairways

All of these specific things can change the price drastically!

Design Options

Our team works with you and presents options that fit the aesthetic that you have in mind. There are so many things to choose from - And again, it all determines the cost!

  • Chip system

  • Grind and clear

  • Custom blends

  • Logo

Symphony does not have a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to application! If we did, you would miss out on these amazing options that others absolutely love. Our product specialist brings out samples of everything during your free estimate so you can make an informed decision.


We hear it all of the time - "My concrete is in fair condition! Now, tell me the price!".... But again, there is so much more to it! Here’s what we specifically look for:

  • Cracking

  • Expansion joints

  • Pitting

  • Hardness testing

  • Moisture

All of these are very crucial to your estimate! Sometimes you have a moisture problem and may not even know it! We use a meter to determine your moisture content in your concrete, and we give you suitable solutions to add into our product so it can last for a lifetime. If you do have some moisture, we will have to make your coating a bit unique for you. This goes for the hardness testing of your floor as well. With this test, our installers will understand how to best prep your floor, using our diamond grinder, to keep your floor from any damage!

We aren’t out to just make sales - That's why our price is good for one whole year - We want you to be fully informed and understand what you should use on your concrete.

Get A Free Estimate Today!

If you'd like for us to come by and give you a free estimate, click here. We'd love to earn your business!

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