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Why This Isn’t Just Another DIY Project...

Are you sick and tired of your old, dirty garage floor? Concrete Coating is ideal for a garage! It seals the concrete from dust and moisture, giving you a unique and attractive surface that is easy to clean! It is also an anti-slip and anti-bacterial product - What's not to love?

But here’s the thing… Not all concrete coatings are the same. There are epoxies, urethanes, acrylics and polyureas. Unfortunately, many hardstores have DIY kits that give concrete coatings a really bad reputation! Most of them are rather cheap, but water based, and have a very low solid content, which means they are very thinned out, leaving you with barely any strength! DIY kits also don't teach you to prep your floor properly and because of that, you will see failure in just a few months! Professional garage floor coatings with our polyurea and polyaspartic coatings is an entire different story!

Symphony Concrete Coatings has been exploding in New England! We've installed plenty of jobs in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Many choose us after they have went through a failed epoxy attempt, so we would love to try and save you some time by explaining exactly what we offer!

“Why Can't I Just Do A DIY Garage Floor?"

We commend you for wanting to tackle a weekend home project like this one - but this isn't something that should be done by just anyone! Our teams do make it look pretty simple, but that's just because we are really good at what we do! Our floor coating professionals are fully trained and ready for all that goes into this installation! We use a solvent based, high build polyurea that has a very high solid content, which means it can withhold very hard impacts and survive the normal wear and tear that any floor experiences. These professional grade coatings by Symphony also seep more into the concrete for optimal adhesion!

If you went to your nearest home improvement store and took a look at a DIY kit coatings kit, you would see how cheap they are! But please note - cheap doesn't mean good. They are mainly cheap because each material used in a DIY kit is very brittle and thin. It's easy to apply, but will constantly chip and peel once applied, which will wind up being a bigger hassle in the long run. It also takes multiple days to fully install this DIY project... Is it really worth having to do over and over again?

The answer is NO!

So, what really makes our system better than a DIY coating that is sold everywhere?

  • We are experienced. We had to go through extensive training to become an official Penntek dealer!

  • You need the right equipment to apply our product correctly. Have you seen our grinder? It's huge! It's designed to prep your concrete for perfect adhesion! The prep of your floor is 80% of the entire job! It's so important.

  • Polyurea is NOT epoxy. Our innovative system is 4x stronger, more flexible, and will never crack, peel, or chip.

  • We offer a lifetime warranty. Yup, you read that right! That's how much we believe in our product.

  • We have a one day installation. With a DIY kit, it can take up to a week to fully finish your floor! With our product, you will be able to drive on your new and unique floor in just 24 hours!

  • We can do repairs beforehand! We can mend the cracks that you do have and make sure your concrete is in great shape before we begin!

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