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In the past, homeowners held back from getting a concrete floor coating installed on interior surfaces unless it was an area with great ventilation. The long cure rate and VOCs that came off older products made living in the same home while your floor was setting up difficult. These concerns are no longer a problem.

At Symphony Concrete Coatings, we install Westford basement floor coating systems that cure in as little as one day. Many of our products also boast low to no VOCs, so you can breathe freely in your own home. Find out more!

Protect Your Basement with an Epoxy Floor Coating

When you are interested in getting a new polyurea or epoxy floor coating installed in the basement, we'll set up a complimentary home consultation with one of our experts. This first meeting allows you to ask questions, tell about your concerns, and get advice about the best type of coating to use.

If you want a fast cure time and impressive color patterns, our polyurea coating is a great choice. When you need affordability and extreme resilience against moisture damage, epoxy is the way to go. There are many options and features within these two products that our installers will also go over, for instance:

  • Colors & Patterns: We have a wide range of shades available, including solid color, quartz, metallic, and chip flake.
  • Textured Surfaces: You can opt for a slip resistant surface that can prevent falls and make walking a little easier for children, seniors, and pets.
  • Excellent Warranties: We use Penntek Industrial Coatings that come with a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty on top coats and a 15 year warranty on basecoats.
  • Flexible Financing: You can apply for Greensky financing to cover the initial costs of installing a floor coating.

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Modern basement floor coatings are safe, stylish, and boast a fast cure rate. Plus, they do so much more than standard paint or a carpet layer to protect your concrete surfaces. The team at Symphony Concrete Coatings will be happy to explain more about the benefits of epoxy and polyurea systems. For a free consultation and quote on our Westford basement floor coatings service, give us a call or fill out our online form.

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