Residential Concrete Floor Coatings in Gloucester

Although concrete floors in households may not be exposed to the same degree of wear and tear as flooring in an industrial setting, there are many areas of the home that are nonetheless ideally suited to the application of Gloucester residential floor coatings. Gloucester residents don’t have to look far to find a reliable team to protect and enhance their concrete floors, thanks to the friendly and knowledgeable local experts of Symphony Concrete Coatings. With the right tools and training, we are well-equipped to offer you our expertise for any of following products and professional installations:

  • New England Basement Coatings
  • New England Patio Coatings
  • New England Pool Coatings

Basement Coatings: Practicality Meets Style

We understand that home concrete coatings need to balance fashion and function. Our team of New England designers can help you design your ideal custom system before our highly-trained technicians complete an efficient application to protect your moisture-prone basement from mold and mildew.

UV-Protected Patio Coatings

When the summer sun shines down on your patio, it creates the perfect environment for relaxing. Unfortunately, the sun is also really hard on your painted concrete and can lead to fading over time. Symphony Concrete Coatings have UV-protection included in the formula to protect our beautiful colors. Best of all, we offer a lifetime warranty on the top coat for a finish you can have complete faith in.

Quick and Efficient Pool Coatings

For homeowners who are eager to get their swimming pool ready for the summer, we offer fast and convenient coating applications. Instead of paying for a liner that will be at risk of tearing and other damage, enjoy the added durability and ultimate convenience of our premium coatings. To top it off, our products are also engineered to be impervious to pool chemicals to bring you the ultimate in long-lasting beauty and performance.

Slip Resistant Pool Deck Coatings

Family fun around the pool can take a dark turn when someone slips and falls on the concrete. However, you can help ease the worry by applying one of our concrete coatings. We currently offer our systems in several different textures, including slip resistant options, which can drastically increase the safety of your favorite summertime activity.

Find out More About Our Residential Floor Coatings in Gloucester, MA

If you have a home in Gloucester, MA that is in need of some high-quality residential floor coatings, you’ve come to the right place. We have all the products, tools, and manpower to complete professional applications of which you can be proud. To learn more about how we set ourselves apart from the competition, contact the experts of Symphony Concrete Coatings today. You can call or simply submit our quick online form to request your complimentary quote and consultation.

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