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Your Space, Reimagined

Is your outdoor space looking worn out and weathered? Protect it with a premium concrete coating from Symphony! Whether it’s impressing guests with a stylish patio or ensuring safety and functionality in a high-traffic business area, Symphony Concrete Coatings’ outdoor floor coatings are your trusted choice.

Our quick transformation process guarantees exceptional durability, resilience, and beauty. Our team of skilled experts is committed to delivering exceptional results. We understand the varied needs of homeowners and business owners alike and tailor our solutions to meet your specific demands.

Our Guarantee to You

By choosing Symphony Concrete Coatings, you're investing in quality. Here's what sets us apart:

  • Expert Penntek Dealer: As an authorized Penntek dealer, we offer the cutting edge in floor coating technology—a guarantee of top-tier materials and longevity.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Say goodbye to dull concrete surfaces. Our coatings come in a range of colors and finishes, adding beauty and value to your property.

  • Long-lasting Performance: Our products are designed to weather outdoor conditions, delivering performance that lasts through extremes – all with minimal upkeep required.


We partnered with Enhancify to help you turn a large project into small payments.

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Frequently Asked questions

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How long does the process take?

Our process is fast, and you'll be walking on your new floor within 24 hours. Larger projects require a litte more time, however we are the fastest most efficient option on the market. Our staff is highly trained to not only get the job done quickly, but done right.

What finishes and colors are available?

We offer a large a spectrum of colors, textures, and styles tailored just for you because your garage should truly reflect you! Whether you're imagining a sleek modern feel or a rustic charm, our finishes allow you to infuse your personal touch into every corner of your space.

What Type of Coating Do you Use?

Only the best! Our Polyuria is the purest coating available. Our Industrial-grade materials ensure longevity. Unlike epoxy our coating adheres to the concrete making it peel proof.

How do I know you are the right option for me?

Honestly? We don't know. That's why we pay a professional to visit your home & help you decide. If you are serious about enhancing your space, let our experts come over, evaluate your needs, and give you a clear quote. No hard sells. Just straight talk and a locked-in price for a year.

Why is your product best for outdoor spaces? Is there a Warranty?

You just won't find a better option to resist the destructive forces of our climate. We offer several levels of slip resistance for your safety and comfort. You can even use Salt in the winter, and feel confident with a slip-resistant textured surface year-round. At Symphony Concrete Coatings, we use top-quality polyurea floor coating systems to withstand heavy wear and tear. Our installers will repair your surfaces and cover them with beautiful, durable concrete coatings that are color-matched to your décor and finished in your preferred texture and style. ​ To ensure that your outdoor space is up for anything mother nature can throw at it, we’ll seal your floors with separate layers of coating specifically formulated to work in harmony for maximum performance. These high-tech engineered materials in combination increase their durability considerably, and you won’t have to worry about heavy impacts, abrasions, or chemical exposure affecting their integrity. In fact, we’re so confident in our garage floor coatings, we back them with an industry-leading base coat warranty and a lifetime top coat warranty!

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