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3 Reasons You Should Never Use Epoxy

At Symphony Concrete Coatings we specialize in using Polyurea and Polyaspartic flooring to ensure top quality concrete flooring renovations for our customers. One of our most frequently asked questions is, why we don’t use epoxy? In a nutshell, epoxy can cause a number of issues and often creates concerns for customers. Let’s take a look and educate ourselves on why epoxy is not the best way to go when looking for concrete renovations.

There is a Long Installation Process

Epoxy flooring can take up to 7 days to complete. This is because of the sheer amount of preparation needed to even consider laying down concrete flooring. Before pouring epoxy, you must remove grease, oils, and any other solvents on concrete floors which can take up to a day. This immediately eliminates one-day installation, which we at Symphony pride ourselves on! Weather and humidity can and will play into the long installation process. Humidity levels must be low enough where moisture will not be an issue. If moisture in the air gets trapped in the epoxy, it can lead to cracking or bubbling in the flooring. If this happens, you would have to re-install your epoxy which is costly and time-consuming.

Wear and Tear

When deciding whether or not to use epoxy flooring in high traffic areas, it is important to note that epoxy does not stand the test of time. Cracks and chips in epoxy is a common issue. Chips, no matter how small, will lead to large areas of deteriorated flooring and is an annoyance to customers as the floor will have to be replaced. Damage spots will happen over time. After wheeling toolboxes, hauling refrigerators, and even car tire marks will cause cracks, and are best to be avoided by not using epoxy at all!

It's Slippery When it's Wet

This is one of the most serious safety issues when thinking about epoxy flooring. This important disadvantage being it becomes slippery when wet. Epoxy is non-porous and creates a smooth surface when saturated with any oils or water. If you have a home with kids, pets, or elderly persons this is not the best option for you as the dangers of slipping skyrockets with epoxy flooring. You could eliminate this issue by using polyurea and polyaspartic with Symphony Concrete Coatings!

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