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4 Benefits of Getting Concrete Coating in Your Home

Coating any concrete area in your home is one of the best things a homeowner could do! There are so many amazing attributes to a brand new coating of concrete to spice up your living space. Here are some reasons why you should coat your concrete as your next project!

It’s Easy to Maintain

At Symphony Concrete Coatings we use polyurea and polyaspartic concrete coatings which is the easiest to clean! This flooring is special because it does not require yearly maintenance. There is no need for any waxing or sealant as our flooring has a lifetime durability guarantee! Your flooring will stay as clean as the day it is installed.

It is Unique

Every application at Symphony Concrete Coating is unique. We will coat any concrete space, basements, patios, and all! We tailor every request of our clients to fit exactly what they need. Any space can be coated with any color of our beautiful polyurea flooring. We do all the preparation for you, making it easy for us to be in and out of your hair all in one day!

It is Beautiful

Did you know that finishing your basement can add to your home value? Let us transform your concrete space into something stunning! We offer an endless variety of textures and colors to choose from. By adding a layer of polyurea, it adds a professional finish to a new living space. We can match any home, let us transform yours!

It Lasts Forever

You read that right! Our floor comes with a lifetime warranty. We stand behind all of our jobs.

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