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What Is a FormCove Coating, and How Does It Extend the Life of Your Floor?

A concrete coating can completely transform any area inside and outside your home. It can provide you with an even surface in the garage, a low-maintenance surface on the deck, and a stylish, waterproof barrier in the basement. If you really want to extend the life of your installation, you have to think about more than the polyurea or epoxy coating on the floor.

Traditionally, floors in the garage, basement, and workshop are finished with plastic coves that are measured and applied to the base of the wall. This kind of cove can provide you with a finished look, but it puts your floor and walls at risk of damage. Choose a FormCove concrete coating instead.

What Is a FormCove Concrete Coating?

A FormCove coating is applied to the wall where it meets with the floor. It is made out of a plural component urethane product that is mixed with dry silica sand, then applied to the joint of the wall and floor, providing you with a watertight seal. Then, the cove is finished with the epoxy or polyurea coating you have chosen for your floor, providing you with a seamless look in the garage, in your workshop, or anywhere else the floor is installed.

Benefits of a FormCove Coating

There are many features of a FormCove coating that make it a better choice than traditional pre-cut cove base pieces. A few benefits include:

It provides a seal between the floor and wall, ensuring your floor lasts longer. A seamless finish makes cleaning and maintaining the floor a lot easier. It provides you with a custom finish that matches your particular floor. Custom, on-site application enables the product to accommodate any wall and any size cove.

The FormCove system is half the price of traditional cove systems. It can be installed faster than traditional cove systems. It only takes the base 15 minutes to dry, and the coating can be applied in just 30 minutes.

When you choose from Symphony Concrete Coatings and pair your installation with a FormCove coating, you can expect your floor to look like new for years to come. We guarantee it with lifetime top coat and 15-year base coat warranties!

Want to learn more about our coating systems and how a FormCove application can extend the life of your floor? Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and we will provide you with free pricing!

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