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Polyurea VS. Epoxy

At Symphony Concrete Coatings, a commonly asked question is, “Why don't you just use regular epoxy?”. We want to educate our potential customers on why we use the best kind of coating around! There are some things that may surprise some of you - so let’s get into it...

Here is the truth - Epoxy is a good choice for your concrete floor, but not the best. It may look like a "good enough" solution when you first find it. While researching about the product, you may see that epoxy is a resin that adapts to flooring and creates a coating and that it is essentially a buffer between you and your floor. You will also see that epoxy can be any color and can be very pretty to look at! But the downfall that nobody talks about? The durability of epoxy.

Did you know that epoxy color fades in sunlight which often leads to the breaking down of the resin which means the customer would have to replace epoxy in just a matter of a few years!? Epoxy also requires multiple days to set! Our polyurea product is installed in just a few hours! Epoxy also will chip, peel, and give you a headache all at the same time. It's just not worth it.

At SCC, we use a polyurea coating on all of our projects. Polyurea is another option for your concrete floors, and it is a very special chemical. The durability of polyurea is incredible! This coating is all types of weatherproof, which means absolutely no fading! It is also impact proof so no need to worry about tire marks or any in-house spills. The best part about polyurea is it takes one day to cure. Our professionals are out of your home in only one day!

Call us to learn more about our products and schedule your free estimate!

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